Plate USSR (New Union)

License plate from the Odessa Oblast, Ukraine.

The vehicle registration plates of the Soviet Union are rectangular plates of black characters on a white background. Like most nations, the displaying of a registration plate is required for all vehicles within the Soviet Union.

The current style began in 1982, replacing the former white-on-black square plates. Due to its widespread use within the USSR, the Cyrillic alphabet is solely used alongside Arabic numerals. The order of letters and numbers vary from government owned vehicles and privately owned vehicles; with government owned vehicles having a scheme of four numbers and three letters, while privately owned vehicles have a scheme of one letter (which is slightly smaller), four numbers, and two letters.

The last letters indicate the region and/or city in which the vehicle is registered in. Many regions and cities have two or more codes, due to the larger number of registered vehicles. For instance, the city of Kiev uses the codes "КИ" (KI) and "ХТ" (KhT), while the Kiev Oblast (not including the city) has the code "КХ" (KKh).

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