A Veche is a general assembly in Slavic countries (today: Slavonia, Corvatia and Venedia).

Veches are in many ways similar to Germanic Things, Ostrogothic Ekklesiai and to the Comitia Civitatum in the Roman Republic. Historically, they were only assemblies of townsfolk, in contrast to Things and Comitia. They developed in the fortified towns during the Slavic expansion Eastward into the Pontic Steppe, Westward into the lands between Elbe and Vistula and Northward into the endless forests. Old Veches were not as powerful as Things or Comitia because they did not elect the local kings (knyases) because Slavic kings were either hereditary, or at least held their office for a lifetime.

Rural Veches of peasants developed only from the 11th century onward, when villages "incorporated" themselves and acquired autonomy from the voivods and bailiffs sent by urban elites to govern the countryside.


Salvador79 (talk) 15:35, April 25, 2015 (UTC)

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