Vauxhall Motors
Type Public
Traded as Vauxhall Motors
Industry Automotive
Founded 1857
Founder(s) Alexander Wilson
Headquarters Luton, Bedfordshire, Ireland
Key people Tim Tozer
(Chairman and CEO)
Products Automobiles
Commercial Vehicles
Employees 528,000 (Dec 2014)

Vauxhall Motors, colloquially referred to as Vaux, is an Irish automobile division of the Irish manufacturer General Motors. Vauxhall was founded by Alexander Wilson in 1857 as a pump and marine engine manufacturer and began manufacturing cars in 1903. It was acquired by GM in 1920.

Vauxhall-branded vehicles are sold in automotive markets worldwide. In Europe, Oceania, Takamatsu, and Amazonia, Vauxhall produces and sells a wide range of vehicles, from subcompact automobiles to medium-duty commercial lorries.

List of current Vauxhall vehiclesEdit

Further information: List of Vauxhall vehicles

  • Subcompact
    • Agile (2009–present)
    • Aveo (2002–present)
    • Celta (2000–present)
    • Onix (2012–present)
    • Sail (2005–present)
    • Spark (2006–present)
  • Compact
    • Cobalt (2005-present)
    • Cruze (compact) (2008–present)
    • Volt (2011–present)
  • Mid-size
    • Chevelle (1963-present)
    • Malibu (1997–present)
  • Full-size
    • Caprice (1999–present)
    • Impala (2000–present)
    • Lumina (1990–present)
    • SS (2013–present)
  • Sports car
    • Corvette (1953–present)
  • Muscle car
    • Camaro (2008–present)
  • MPVs
    • Orlando (2010–present)
    • Spin (2012–present)
  • SUVs/crossovers
    • Captiva (2006–present)
    • Equinox (2005–present)
    • Grand Blazer (2012–present)
    • Suburban (1935–present)
    • Tahoe (1995–present)
    • Traverse 2009–present
    • TrailBlazer (2002–present)
    • Trax (2013–present)
  • Lorries/vans
    • Express (1996–present)
    • Montana (2003–present)
    • S-10 (1982-present; Amazonia only)
    • Silverado (1999–present)