Vatican City-State
Stato della Città del Vaticano
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Coat of arms
(and largest city)
Vatican City
Official languages Latin, Italian
Religion Roman Catholicism
Government Absolute Elective Theocracy
 -  Pontifex, Bishop of Rome Pius XI
Establishment1929 Independence from Italy [Accords]
 -  1930 estimate 600 
 -  1930 census 544 

The Vatican City-State, or Vatican City, is an independent enclave located within the Italian city of Rome. The Holy See has "full ownership, exclusive dominion, and sovereign authority and jurisdiction" over Vatican City according the Lateran Treaty.


The Vatican City-State was officially established when Pius XI through Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Gasparri and Benito Mussolini. It was signed on February 11, 1929. The Lateran Accords, or Lateran Treaty, in addition to recognising the sovereignty of the Holy See over the Vatican City-State, it also outlined financial settlement for Papal territories taken during the unification of Italy, a list of extraterritorial properties and their privileges within Italy, the Holy See's perpetual neutrality in conflict, and to abstain from mediation unless requested by both parties.

Head of State Edit

The Pope, Pontifex, or Bishop of Rome is the sovereign of the Vatican City-State. He is elected by the Roman Curia also known as the College of Cardinals. The Pope is also the head of the Holy See. The Papacy establishes and appoints cardinals to various roles to assist and advise the pope in his administration.

Predecessor: Pius XI (Axis vs Allies Resurrection (Map Game)) Successor:
Benedict XV Pius XI

Bishop of Rome
6 February 1922-?


Foreign RelationsEdit

The Vatican City is an independent city-state under the jurisdiction of the Holy See. Thus, all foreign relations are done through the Holy See.

Extraterritorial Properties of the Holy SeeEdit

These areas are exempt from Local law and are under the sole jurisdiction of the Holy See.

Lateran Accords Edit

  • Within Rome
    • Archbasilica of St. John Lateran
    • Basilica of St. Mary Major
    • Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls and surrounding complex
    • Lateran Palace, Lateran University, Scala Santa and surrounding complex
    • Palace of St. Callixtus
    • Gianicolo Hill Buildings including Pontifical Urbaniana Univeristy, Pontifical North American College, and Bambino Gesu Hospital
    • Palazzo della Cancelleria
    • Palazzo di Propaganda Fide
    • Palace of the Holy Office
    • Palace of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches
    • Palazzo Pio in Via Della Conciliazione
    • Palace of the Vicariato
    • Pontifical Minor Roman Seminary
    • Campo Santo Teutonico
    • Paul VI Audience Hall
  • Within Italy, but not with Rome
    • Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo
    • Basilica of the Holy House at Loreto
    • Basilica of St. Francis at Assisi
    • Basilica of St. Anthony at Padua