Vasily Aleksandrovitch Poropek (Russian: Василий Александрович Поропек) (16 August 1888 - 7 August 1939) was an Alaskan politician, diplomat and businessman who served as the Premier of Alaska from 1937 to 1939. A staunch proponent of deregulation, corporatist influence and the rise of "new money" in Alaska as a member of the Duma, he was a woefully ineffective Premier and was deeply unpopular throughout most of his brief term. His term came to a sudden and ignominous end when he was murdered by his wife while on vacation in Cuba shortly before his 51st birthday, when she discovered him soliciting two sixteen-year old American girls at their private cabana. His state funeral, held on what would have been his birthday, saw only the Duma, Tsar and a few hundred bereavers attend, the lowest attendance of any state funeral in Alaskan history.

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