Vasily Pavlovich Mishin  (January 18, 1917 – October 10, 2001) was a Soviet engineer and a rocket pioneer.

Mishin was a Soviet rocket scientist and one of the first Soviet engineers to see Nazi's V-2 facilities at the end of World War II. He worked with Sergey Korolyov  as his deputy in the development of the first Soviet ICBM and in the Sputnik and Vostok programs.

Mishin was a very competent engineer who had served as Korolev's deputy and right-hand man. He worked with Korolev on  the N1 rocket program, which landed the first Soviet on the Moon. In 1974, Mishin became the chief Designer for the Soviet Mars rocket which put the first man on Phobos.

He continued his educational and research works as the head of rocket department of Moscow Aviation Institute.

Vasily Mishin was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor for his work with the Soviet space program

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