Varieta Province
Map New England Varieta All (VegWorld)
Capital Oaksborough
Largest Cities Charlotte: 407,000
Oaksborough: 271,000
Population 2,216,000
Our Timeline Equivalent North Carolina
Map New England Varieta (VegWorld)

Varieta is the southernmost province in New England. It borders one other province, namely Virginia to the north. It also borders the Confederate States of Pemhakamik to its southeast, Muskogee to its southwest, and Jalagi to its west. Its largest city, Charlotte (in Mecklenburg County), is along major trade routes extending from the CSP and Muskogee, and is the largest city of "the South" (that is, south of Alexandria, FD).

About Varieta

Varieta was named by Europeans precisely because it was so varied in so many respects. Most Aboriginal groups of other provinces of New England are almost invariably Algonquian, along with some Iroquoian areas further west. However, in Varieta, there are Siouan, Iroquoian, and Algonquian people, with some small regions containing all three groups. Furthermore, the landscape and environments are also quite varied for one state. There are beaches and swamps near the Atlantic seaboard, hills in the piedmont, and mountains further west. Pine trees are predominant in the coastal plain area, but broadleaf deciduous trees take over in the western two-thirds of the state. Fir trees and other trees that grow in cold climates can be found at the tops of tall mountains. Indeed, the mountains have a climate that is more like Massachusetts Province than Varieta's lowlands, where it rarely even snows.


Map New England Varieta NPAs (VegWorld)

Nature Preservation Areas of Varieta

Varieta has 101 divisions, including the counties, Semi-Autonomous Areas (SAAs), and Nature Preservation Areas (NPAs). As in most New England provinces, the national and state governments have the rights to put highways, train lines, and other infrastructure in the SAAs and NPAs to serve the state. In fact, the national and state governments own 100% of the land in NPAs and most of the land in SAAs (sometimes including joint ownership with semi-autonomous entities), and the land can not be sold...only leased...unless there is some amendment to the agreement, which in practice is difficult to pass. Thus, there are few private residences in NPAs. Vehicle charging stations, convenience stores, small markets, and such are situated on leased land from the government. As for SAAs, the laws make the buying of property by members of nonafilliated groups difficult.

Of course, in addition to the SAAs and NPAs, Aboriginal groups can and do buy property for their tribes outside of these designated areas, and a good proportion of Aboriginal people live elsewhere. In the same way, counties themselves have nature parks and recreation areas that are not affiliated with NPAs but often serve similar purposes.



Charlotte is the fourth-largest city in New England, and the largest in Varieta. Charlotte only began its latest spurt of growth in the early 1980s, nearly doubling its population since 1980. Currently, Charlotte is the second-largest banking headquarters in all of Pemhakamik, after New York City. Charlotte is known as a beautiful modern city, owing to its excellent "modern renaissance" urban planning.


Oaksborough is the capital and second-largest city in Varieta. It is known for either containing or being near to a host of universities - including many of the most renown in all of New England. It is often ranked high in lists of the nicest cities in which to live.



53% Vegetarian
47% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

Map New England Varieta SAAs (VegWorld)

Semi-Autonomous Areas of Varieta

62% European
23% Pemhakamik Aboriginal
11% Southeastern Siouan
05% Southeastern Iroquoian
04% Southeastern Algonquian
03% others (Muskogean, Mexican, etc)
03% Oriental
03% Sub-Saharan African
01% Indian
07% mixed race
01% others


75% English
08% Siouan languages
04% Iroquoian languages
03% Algonquian languages
03% Scots
02% Gaelic languages
02% other Germanic languages
01% Romance languages (Spanish, Catalan, French, etc)
02% others


33% Nonreligious
13% atheist
20% agnostic
24% Christian
11% Catholic
07% Quaker
06% other Christian
23% Cathar
04% Jewish
02% Hindu
01% Buddhist
01% Jain
10% various Aboriginal beliefs
02% other

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