Vaniljotian Revolution
Date 20 May 1893 (1893-05-20) – 21 May 1893 (1893-05-21)
(1 day)
Location Sweden
Result Republican Victory
  • Proclamation of First Swedish Republic.
  • King Oscar II flees to Sundsvall, Sweden.
Flag of Sweden Swedish monarchy
Flag of Sweden Swedish republicans

The Vaniljotian Revolution (Swedish: Vaniljotiska Revolutionen), also known as Swedish Revolution outside Europe, was an period of military conflicts and its a republican campaign in the history of Sweden, marking the start of First Swedish Republic. The Rise of Republicans begins in north-western part of Stockholm and Erich von Schweetz makes this conflict to look like as French Revolution. The goal of the Revolution is to take Stockholm Royal Palace with 300 newly created soldiers (which joined at home from Sugar Rush Campaign), liberate the Sugar Rush racers as transformed into donkeys and Sugar Rush citizens as slaves from the evil Swedish king, as thought by Vanellope, Ralph and Felix. More and more people come and join their republican army and they occupied police stations, schools, hospitals, churches, fire stations, offices and the entire Stockholm University. Then Successfully, the rebels has taken control of Northern part of Stockholm.

Second, the rebels have to cross over bridges to Gamla Stan, that have taken the Parliament House of Stockholm. Finally, the siege of Stockholm Royal Palace makes it easier to open all doors of this place, entering and killing all members of Royal Palace and now with opening of the kings door, there is no royal family to kill. King Oscar II and all of them flees to Sundsvall to seek protection from Rebels. After an hour, the Royalist are all gone and Republic of Sweden is established. In aftermath of the revolution when Sugar Rush racers and citizens are liberated, the former king of Sweden regretted. He travels to northern city of Sweden and leads to Swedish Civil War between Republicans and Monarchists.