The Vancouver Purchase was negotiated between American President Herbert Hoover and the Canadian Parliament from June 7-July 17, 1934. In the end, Vancouver was purchased by the United States for $800 million dollars.

The Americans Desire

American commerce was growing on the west coast in the 1920s and 30s, and President Hoover wanted to purchase Vancouver and use its resources and ports for trade with Asia.

Canada's Money Problem

Canada was spending too much money in the late 1920s. The government was in desperate need of money after it updated its technology and transportation. It could sell land to the US as an easy way out.


On June 7, 1934, Hoover traveled to Ottawa to negotiate the purchase. He intended to pay $400 million for the land. The Canadians wanted $2 billion for the land.

The legislation took longer than the negotiation. Finally on July 17, both countries' legislatures allowed the purchase. At noon on August 1, 1934, the British flag was lowered all over Vancouver and the American flag was raised.

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