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Province of Vancouver Island
Ванкуверская губерния

Governorate of Alaska
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: The Alberni-Clayoquot RD, the Capital RD, the Comox Valley RD, the Cowichan Valley RD, the Nanaimo RD, San Juan County, and portionsWfm vancouver island of the Mount Waddington RD, and the Strathcona RD.
Flag of Vancouver Island
Flag of Vancouver Island
Location of Vancouver Island (Russian America)
Location of Vancouver Island
Capital Victoria
Largest city Nanaimo
Other cities Campbell River, Courtenay
English and Russian
  others Chinese, German, Punjabi
Anglicans and Pentecostals
  others Baptists, Eastern Orthodox
Ethnic groups
  others Han Chinese, Russians, Scots
Demonym Vancouverite
Area 36,067 km² (31,692 кв. врс
Population 1,834,060 
Time zone PST (UTC-8)
  summer PDT (UTC-7)
Abbreviations AK-VC, Van., Ван., ОВ

The Province of Vancouver Island (Russian: Ванкуверская губерния, Vankuverskaya guberniya), colloquially known as Vancouver Island (Остров Ванкувер, Ostrov Vankuver), is an insular governorate of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic. The governorate lies off the coast of Columbia and is the largest island in the Pacific Ocean (east of New Zealand). Unique to Alaska, the vast majority of the population is comprised of those with English descent (Dougs).

Wfm vancouver island

Satellite Image of Vancouver Island.

The islands were initially sought after by the British and the Spanish to the point of almost going to war. Spanish interests in the islands ceased during the 19th Century, at which point they fully became a British colony. The islands became part of the Russian Empire following the Columbia Purchase in 1872. Throughout Russian rule, attempts to fully Russify the islands proved ineffective. With the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, Vancouver Island and New Westminster would become the cores of the break-away Commonwealth of Columbia. The Commonwealth was admitted into Alaska in 1934, with Vancouver Island becoming a fully separate governorate during the 1940s.

Victoria, British Columbia Skyline at Twilight

Skyline of Victoria.

Along with Columbia and the Queen Charlotte Islands, Vancouver Island recognizes both English and Russian as official languages. Bilingualism is prominent among the population. Those of English descent (colloquially known as Dougs) make up the vast majority of the governorate's population. Anglicans currently makeup the majority of the population.

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