Municipal Republic of Vancouver
Municipal Republic of Greater Vancouver
— Territorial City of United Republics
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History

OTL equivalent: Greater Vancouver Metro Area and Bowen Island
Flag of Vancouver (Canada)
Flag of Vancouver
(and largest city)
Other cities Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Northern Vancouver
English, French, Spanish
  others Portuguese, Chinese
Religion Catholicism, Protestantism, Atheism, Native Religions
Population 1,597,200 (1996 Estimate) 
Established 1986
Admission 1990 (Territory)
Currency Peso, Canadian Dollar, Cascadian Dollar
Time zone UTC -8
Abbreviations VAN

The Municipal Republic of Greater Vancouver was formed in 1990. After the rogue Canadian state sent missiles loaded with biological weapons around the world, targeting the United States, Russia, South Africa, and the United Republics. One missile exploded in British Colombia, thus contaminating Canada with disease. The United Republics immediately invaded the Canada along the Pacific Coast. Shortly afterward, the United League of Nations began an invasion led by the United States and Russia in Eastern Canada. The Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand also attacked the upper Canadian Pacific Coast. The United Republics was successful in occupying the region all the way to Thunder Bay, including the cities of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Regina, and Thunder Bay. After distributing medical aid, assisted in rebuilding the greater occupied zone. The United Republics specifically focused on establishing Vancouver and with the Compact of Vancouver 1988, established Vancouver Metro Area as a Hong-Kong style state run who serves as a delegation to the United Republics. The United Republics is responsible for representing Vancouver on an international level, protecting the city, and for promoting the economy and standard of living in Vancouver.