The Van Helsing media franchise is an action/horror series based on the character of Abraham Van Helsing from Bram Stoker's Dracula, and to a lesser extent other characters within the "Stokerverse." When referring to the Van Helsing franchise, fans and critics typically are referring to the Van Helsing film series of the 1970s, the animated television series and related media from the 1990s and 2000s, and the associated spinoff comics.

While the novel Dracula and its characters exists within the public domain, the "Stokerverse," as the storylines of the related media are referred to by fans, is mostly copyrighted by VPMedia and Anvil Entertainment. Much of the creative input, especially on the television series, animated films and comics, has come from co-writers Joseph Hickman, Jerry Husk and Bob Wall.


Van Helsing Trilogy

Van Helsing IV

Released in 2008, Van Helsing IV is generally regarded by most fans as separate, both in style and in substance, from the original trilogy, due in no small part to it featuring 78-year old Clint Eastwood reprising his role as Dr. Van Helsing.


Van Helsing: The Animated Series

Comics/Graphic Novel

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