Van Helsing, also known as Van Helsing: The Animated Series, is an American animated series featuring. The show ran on Fox from November 19, 1993 to January 31, 1998 and was revived for a second run from February 15th, 2002 to December 31st, 2007. The producer/story editor was Joseph Hickman. and production company was Vincent Price Studios. The instrumental theme song for the series (including the lyrics) was performed by Christopher Lee of Stoker.


List of Episodes



  • Bruce Campbell as Laurence Van Helsing:
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Laura Van Helsing: Abraham's younger sister who was captured, turned and brainwashed by Dracula's ally Count Karnstein into believing that she was his daughter Carmilla.
  • Tara Strong as Mina Harker:
  • Jeffrey Combs as Imhotep:
  • David Tennant as Dracula:
  • Peter Stormare as Alucard:
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Adam Frankenstein: Stitched together from a collection of stolen body parts by his eccentric "father" Victor, Adam spent most of his "youth" diving into Victor's vast collection of medical texts.
  • Christopher Eccleston as Victor Castle: Victor Castle was one of the most famous horror actors of all time. He was kidnapped by a warlock fan who transformed him into his most famous role, the supernatural serial killer Siegfried Adler. The warlock had hypnotized him into becoming an obedient slave of his. Van Helsing managed to free him from his brainwashing after meeting him. The warlock's magic gave him the super-human strength and invincibility that Adler had in his movies.
  • Jennifer Hale as Virginia Dare: The last survivor of the lost Roanoke colony, Virginia Dare was raised by Indians on the neighboring Croatoan Island. Turned by a traitorous Indian vampire whose pack scattered her tribe. She became a recluse, preferring to avoid human contact as much as possible. She became an expert in marksmanship in both muskets and bows, as well as European sabers. She met Laurence Van Helsing when they both arrived in the same town to eliminate the vampire Indian band that destroyed her tribe. She joined his group after he helped her destroy the vampires.
  • John Malkovich as Doctor Jekyll:


  • Keith David as Baron Samedi:
  • Ed Wasser as the Man in Black:
  • Andrea Libman as Diane: An extra-dimensional imp whose origins are unknown, Diane takes pleasure in childish pranks pulled on Van Helsing and company.
  • Tom Kane as Minuteman:
  • Liam Neeson as Honest Abe:
  • Kathleen Barr as Sibeal:
  • Tobin Bell as Wilhelm "Willi" Von Getriebe:
  • Tom Kenny as Vincent "Vinnie" Scusso:
  • Kath Soucie as Maxine:
  • John de Lancie as Jack the Ripper: The legendary serial killer had gained the ability to meld with shadows, which was why he was never caught.
  • Dennis Leary as Rex Le Fay:
  • Tara Strong as Galatea:
  • Grey DeLisle as Helen Carpenter: After surviving an encounter with a cursed community and its resident cult Helen Carpenter became a leading expert in the field of monster hunting. She became ruthless and cold hearted because of her father's death from a monster. She was indiscriminately killing "monsters" regardless of their actual personality.
  • Jim Cummings as Daniel I. Rhodes:
  • Janice Kawaye as Sumiko:
  • ------ -------- as the Headless Horseman:
  • Kevin Bacon as Henry Baker: Baker was an eccentric comic book artist known for "darker and edgier" depictions of popular superheroes. As he grew more and more popular, the more deranged and misogynistic he became. Dracula arranged for a mystical brush to fall into Baker's hands.
  • ------ ------- as Pele:
  • ---- ------ as Antonio:


  • Brookhaven Hospital:
  • SS Midas:

Popular Culture

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