Kingdom of the Marineris
Timeline: Earth's Brother

OTL equivalent: Valles Marineris
Flag of the Kingdom of the Marineris
Capital Solus Planum
Largest city Juventae
Other cities Hebes Chasma, Noctus Labyrinthus
Language Olympian
Ethnic Group 90% Olympiod
8% Desert Dweller
2% Human
King Anderson
Population ~9,000,000 
Established 1182 M.C.
Currency Barter

The Kingdom of the Marineris, also known as Valles Marineris, is a monarchy centered near Valles Marineris on Mars. Marineris once held control over the land which is now Erythraeum. Now it controls a large valley on west of Erythraeum. The influx of Humans has helped the economy greatly, because with them come the latest from Earth. Telophones are being established and soon everyone will be able to call anyone in the nation. Mars Planes are being built in modern Maranian Factories, and are the first of their kind. Like Eryths, Maranians don't follow a religion. Humans are treated as first class citizens. This has angered a few hard-working Martians, and most of them have migrated to Anoia or Sirenum, where Humans are killed on sight.

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