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Провинция Валларинск/Provintsiya Vallarinsk
Timeline: Venusian Haven
Abanhfleft 556905
Flag of Vallarinsk
Capital Umayevsk
Largest city Umayevsk
Other cities Muktarbariyevo, Apolinarov, Kuzmina
Language Russian, Krav
Government Democratically elected government under Communist Party dominance
President Ivan Prokofiev
Governor-General Vladimir Malenkov
Lieutenant-General Innokentiy Dybenko
Established December 20, 2000

Before reading on, please see: Timeline (Birth of Krakozhia)

The Province of Vallarinsk (Russian: Провинция Валларинск, Provintsiya Vallarinsk; Krav: Oublashti Vallarynousk) is a Krakozhian colony on the planet Venus. It was established on December 20, 2000 by Republic Act No. 1878, after the settlements of Umayevsk, Muktarbariyevo, and Apolinarov united and applied for statehood.

Its current Governor-General is Vladimir Malenkov, and its Lieutenant-Governor is Innokentiy Dybenko.


Krakozhian interest on colonizing Venus began when Galdar Umayev watched Valentina Tereshkova land on Venus on June 11, 1985. He uttered one of his nation's most famous quotes at the time, "How good would it be for Krakozhia to have a part of Venus!" to his fellow Politburo members, and envisioned an ambitious program to send his fellow Krakozhians to Venus. Unfortunately, he died in 1987, five years before his dream came true. According to his biographer Marko Illarionov, Umayev's last will and testament stated that a part of his ashes should be spread by the first Krakozhian on the Venusian surface.

The succeeding administration worked with the Soviet government to achieve her predecessor's wishes to send a Krakozhian to space. Yelena Nekazanka established the Ministry of Aeronautics and Exploration to be the Krakozhian government's contact with the Soviet space agency, and on January 25, 1992, in the closing days of the Nekazanka administration, Vainyry One was launched. Six months later, on June 30, mission commander Denis Dybenko (no relation to Lt. Gov. Innokentiy) said on landing, "This is a lovely place, comrades!" Later, on live television, he spread some of the ashes of Galdar Umayev on the Venusian surface, just as the father of the Krakozhian Republic had wanted.

For the next eight years, a large number of settlers arrived at the area surrounding the Vainyry One landing site and established three towns: Umayevsk, the de facto capital and named for Galdar Umayev; Muktarbariyevo, named after General Turmaryan Muktarbariyev, the man who became the first commander of the Krakozhian Army; and Apolinarov, named after Emperor Apollinarius III the Stargazer, who was the first Krakozhian to observe Venus and its moon, Neith. After their combined population reached 5,000, the three cities united under the name of Vallarinsk (in honor of Aviation Major Sergey Vallarin, the original mission commander of Vainyry One, who was killed in a car accident a few weeks before the mission launch) and applied for statehood to the Krakozhian Congress of People's Deputies. It was swiftly passed, and Vallarinsk became the seventh province of Krakozhia on December 20, 2000.

When the Americans and Soviets granted ordinary people the right to travel to Venus, Vallarinsk became a sort-of tourist destination, and even more colonists arrived to take part of the Venusian Haven. In two years, the population doubled, the people were happy, and all was good.

Vallarinsk currently has a population of 11,575, and has four cities and one township: Umayevsk, Muktarbariyevo, Apolinarov, Kuzmina, and Damarnik.

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