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Valicia (Alternative History)

What if Galicia was set as a new country in the Polish Crisis of the Russian, Austrian, Prussian agreement. At first, it will have set itself within Ukraine and Polish borders and taking the Galician flag and COA. The Valician Government would have been an Absolute monarchy as the fall of monarchy hasn't entered yet (Around and later of World War 1) the Valicia Capital (Stolica) is the largest city and the most populated even though its not attached by the main land of the country, The language of the Valician People are Polish Lithuanian Russian and Ukrainian, all of these languages have similar dialects of Valician. The anthem Warszawianka was a National Song of the Polish and got tranfered to the nation of Valicia. Valician Cities are Halikowski Ozduba Oszchin and Wilk which are the biggest cities in Valicia. Halikowski and Wilk and Ozduba have their own Dynastys named after them but Halikowski and Wilk are the most famous in nationalism rather than Ozduba as they are more local. the Oszchin is the smallest city in Valicia only having around 7,000 people. The Religion of the Valician People is the Church of Wilk which is the most famous of them. Their Ethnic groups are Eastern European and Germanic but thats only on a small area called Polnoczniy so they are named after their land called Polnoczniys.
United Kingdom of Valicia
Zjednoczone Królestwo Valiciany
Timeline: Hongestien
Flag galicia to1849 ZUNR coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Stoimy w spokoju (Polish, Lithuanian, Russian)
("We Stand In Peace")

Anthem "Warszawianka"
(and largest city)
Other cities Halikowski, Ozduba, Oszchin, Wilk
Language Polish, Lithuanian, Russian
  others Protestant, Church of Wilk
Ethnic Groups
Eastern European
  others Germanic (Polnoczniys)
Demonym Valician
Government Dynasty of Halikowski
  legislature Absolute Monarchy
King Julius I
  Grand Uniter: Dynasty of Halikowski, Dynasty of Wilk
Prime Minister Sergiusz
Population 30,000 
Currency Srebrocz

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