The February 14 shooting (Arabic: فبراير خمسة عشر اطلاق النار) also known as the Valentines Day massacre or the Aleppo City Square Shooting was an ISIS-backed terrorist attack on Aleppo's City Square on February 14, 2015 on 9:40 PM in the city of Aleppo, the capital of the Kingdom of North Syria. 

The attack killed approximately 45 people and resulted in 13 hostages. At 9:40 PM on Aleppo time, five men wearing dress-shirts opened fire on a crowd of approximately 200 people at the city square. The men used sport coats to hide their weapons. 

After an armed confrontation between armored squads of the NSHDS and the terrorists, two of the terrorists were killed, two captured and the remaining was evacuated by a white mini-van thought to be housing more terrorists. 

After investigations done by the NSHDS's Firearms and Projectiles Department and the Center for Criminal Investigation, it was found that the weapons used were stolen military weapons including an M4-A1 carbine, an MP-5 and a Glock 17. In addition, some of the guns used were also Airsoft guns converted into real firearms.

While the NSHDS in collaboration with the North Syrian Armed Forces are currently going on a man-hunt for the terrorists, the North Syrian government also began proposing laws that would ban several types of Airsoft models. Princess Razia Abdul-Issam, the head of North Syria's Department of Keeping Peace as well as King Fahad's daughter proposed just outright banning all Airsoft guns. 

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