The Democratic Monarchy of Valencia
Valenciana (Valencian)
Flag of the Land of Valencia (official).svg.png Coat of Arms of Valencia (Spain).svg.png
MottoPeace, Liberty, Benevolence.
AnthemHimne de l'Exposició
Royal anthemOur Grand, Beautiful Empress/Our Grand, Handsome Emperor.
Location of Valencia.
(and largest city)
Official languages Valencian
Recognised regional languages English, Spanish
Demonym Valencian
Government Single-party Constitutional Demonarchy
 -  Supreme Empress Isabella Franco I
 -  King El Cid II
 -  President Santa Anna Cortez
 -  Head of the Senate John Locksmith
Legislature Royal Valencian House
 -  Upper House Senate
 -  Lower House Valencian Armed Forces
 -  From Spain 20 November 1940 
 -  Constitution 23 December 1991 
EU accession 1995

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