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Vaasa (Triunfa, España!)

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Vaasan Tasavalta (Васаан Тасавалта)
Republik Vasa

Republic of Vaasa
Timeline: Triunfa, España!

OTL equivalent: Maryland, DC, Delawere, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Southern Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina
Flag of Vasa TE Coat of Arms of Sweden Lesser
Flag Coat of Arms
Vasa TE
Vasa in brown
Capital Fort Vasa
Largest city Fort Christina
Other cities New Stockholm
  others Swedish, Russian
  others Catholic Church, Lombard Church, Russian Orthodoxy
Ethnic Group White
Demonym Vasan
Government Presidential Republic
President Arvo Hakonen
Vice-President Aino Laukkinen
Population Around 7,000,000 
Independence from Sweden
  declared August 15, 1830
  recognized August 20, 1855
Currency Vasan Kronor
Internet TLD .va

The Republic of Vasa is a nation in the eastern North American continent.

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