VPMedia, also known as Vincent Price Media and formerly the separate Price Studios and Vincent Price Animation, is a Pacifica-based media organization that serves as the successor to Vincent Price's animation and television groups. The company, since its merger into VPMedia in 1997, now produces and syndicates animated and traditional television content as well as maintains a publishing arm for comics, novels and graphic novels, known as DarkMoon Publishing.

VPMedia got its start as Vincent Price Studios, the animation company competing with Disney in the 1940s and 1950s for domination of the animated film marketplace. VPMedia eventually moved towards television, splitting up into Price Studios, which produced live-action television programming for syndication and Vincent Price Animation, which produced highly-regarded, successful animation series. The studios found enormous success in the 1980s with the dawn of cable television and more mature animated series, and made its biggest success with the comic books and animated series following the adventures of Dr. Abraham Van Helsing during the 1990s, with Rick Essex as studio chief. In 1997, the failing Price Studios was brought back under the wing of the animation arm of the now-dead Vincent Price as VPMedia, and in 2004 spun off its publishing arm as the subsidiary DarkMoon Publishing.

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