In this alternative reality, artificial intelligence has become more progressed and more advanced than that of our reality.


It was developed by the top Urauslainian artificial intelligence researchers and computer engineers of two proud generations. It was created as an medical helper for the medical professionals of Urauslain. It was also created to help Urauslain battle global outbreaks of earthly biological or astrobiological nature.


It stands for Virtual Intelligence Kinetic Technological Ontological Researcher. Its the most advanced artificial intelligent computer system on the planet of this alternative reality. It proved an effective useful tool in helping the Urauslain Center for Disease Control and Prevention fighting against the space-borne virus that caused the zombie outbreak of this alternative reality. Its performance stands at seventy-two yottaFLOPS as well as capable of ganthering and storing data and speaking in a mixed-masculine/feminine voice. It was also an artificial intelligent computer system that was also voice-command and was powered by a greater form of solar-power generators and another form of renewable energy-power generators.

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