NA Civilizations

A map of ancient North American civilizations. Utinahica is red.

Utinahica is an ancient civilization from the continent of North America. Originally a small tribe of nomads, agriculture united the people and Utinahica was born. After a series of civil wars and struggles, Utinahica went on to conquer more and more land, until it was defeated and conquered by Muscogee, a rebellious state once part of Utinahica.



As the natives of Asia crossed the land bridge to enter the continent of North America, they eventually spread out. In 10,000 BC, the ancestors of the Utinahica reach the southeast. The tribesmen were hunter-gatherers and nomads. This all changed with the Neolithic Revolution, which was the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture. As agriculture began to take root, people stopped their nomadic ways and began small settlements. With small streams and rivers and ocean, the coast was the perfect place for the ancestors. Settlements were popping up, but they were not unified. As time went on the settlements grew apart, but later they would unify.