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The flag of Uthocar

The flag of Uthocar

The flag of Uthocar's background is, as always, Uthocar brown. The circle, the sun, or whatever you want to call it, is somewhat hidden behind a... Something. Some say its a spider, which is very well possible, for it seems that the king of Uthocar, when it still was independent, tried to make spiders and snakes holy. He even had created 2 new gods, who had spoken to him in his sleep, or so an ancient record tells us. Slaanal (pronounced like Slaan Haul) the Snake-God and Schryth (pronounced like Sgrief) the Spider-God. This however, was deemed unnecessary by the Kingdom of Bruis, and while the (former) king of Uthocar 'converted' a few people, this tradition died out when the (former) king of Uthocar died. There is however a Snake Day and a Spider Day in Uthocar nowadays, which are on different days every year for some unknown reason, but Spider Day should be celebrated somewhere in the summer, and Snake Day somewhere in the winter. Perhaps because we see a spider on the sun on the flag, and the sun is associated with summer, and the opposite of summer is winter. Beneath the sun, we see something strange which may be 2 snakes. Or, more precisely, their heads. It is unknown what the arrows on the bottom of the flag are supposed to represent, but one must notice that the darkest color is the lowest and the lightest color the highest. The lightest colors are also (overall) the closest to the sun.

Uthocar kingdom of bruis

The flag of Uthocar under the Kingdom of Bruis

The flag of Uthocar under the Kingdom of Bruis

As usual, the Kingdom of Bruis added a brownish red border around the flag, and didn't do anything else.

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