Timeline: Balkanized North America

OTL equivalent: Utah
Utah flag Seal of Utah
Flag Coat of Arms

Industry (English)

Capital Salt Lake City
Largest city Salt Lake City
Language English
Religion Mormonism
Government Democratic
Currency utahn Dollar

Utah is a nation in SouthWest North America, it is bordered by the Western States of America to the North and West, by Free Colorado to the East, by Navajo State to the SouthEast, and by Aztlan to the SouthWest.


Utah gained its independence in March 20 1931. Utah declared independence searching to be an independent country, alsdo because of its religion. Utah was influenced by other independence movements.


Utah lives of the tourism and mining, getting hundreds of tourists every year which helps it grow, utah also has large deposits of minerals such as copper, gold, and silver. It is one of the greatest countries in economy

Utah has deposits of uranium, so it can be ready for any coming wars.

Briham canyon mine

The Mormonism considerably grew since it gained independence, so now Utah is a place where other mormons come to live.

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