Mayhap thou knoweth Ye Are Here. Mayhap thou know international borders be different. Me have questions and fun facts for ye.

The Yellow Countries Coincidence

It just so happens that I have Rand-McNally World Wall Map. The nations have different colors: Green, Light Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, and Purple. Entirely by coincidence, the yellow-colored nations do not exist in You Are Here at all. A sample:

  • Colombia: part of Gran Colombia
  • Libya: part of the Ottoman Empire
  • Kazakhstan: part of the Russian Empire

The numerous other yellow countries do not exist at all either! It is quite a coincidence, and one I noticed only yesterday.

Where Are You?

Now, in You Are Here, no nation actually exists the way it did in OTL present-day. Now, I ask you a question: Where do you live?

For example, let's say you live in England, but your parents moved there from Denmark. In ATL, you would live in Denmark, which is in the Nordic Union. Let's see if you can guess where you would live!

Republic of China?

Also, in the ATL, since communism was not a major force in the far east, the Republic of China (the old one that held mainland China) exists. Do you think that is plausible?

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