Eastern Republic of Uruguay
Eastern Republica de Uruguay
— Nation of United Republics
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History

OTL equivalent: Uruguay
Flag of Uruguay
Flag of Uruguay
(and largest city)
Other cities Maldonado, Duranzo, San Jose, Tacuarembo, Mercedes, Santa Luca
Spanish, English, Portuguese
  others German, Italian
Religion Catholicism
Population 6,122,871 (1995 Census) 
Established 1828
Admission 1994
Currency Peso
Time zone UTC -3
Abbreviations URU
 On March 26th, 1974 the Eastern Republic of Uruguay accept their invitation. However, their state was in a moderate to severe state of infection north of Duranzo. Then the state of infection is light in the area to the south. The cities of Montevideo, Maldonado, Santa Lucia, San Carlos, and San Jose are clear of infection, as of the end of 1974 . As of September 1975 nearly all of Uruguay is scarred to clear in infection status. In 1975 Uruguay was given back the territory of Montevideo, with limited UR troops in the city to protect from infection, but rather have been re-assigned as a coastal defense and have begun to rebuild up the commerce, industrial and infrastructure of Uruguay. Uruguay's Montevideo is the headquarters of the United League of Nations. Uruguay's joint hosting of the World Cup gave them this honor as a summit to create the ULN was held at the same time in Montevideo. Uruguay's population has been clean immigrants from a destroyed Germany, Italy, and Brazil. Uruguay currently is in the agriculture, wine, light manufacturing, and tourism industries. Uruguay is the most popular tourist destination for Western Europeans, North Americans, and many Asians.