The Decree of 1626 is an edict issued by the Urdustani Emperor (Insert later) to cement the Urdustani foreign/domestic policies at the time 1626. These policies reflected a time of greater inclusion of the West in India due to the actions of the Emperor, and his Royal Guard of the Land of Urdu's influence.


  • In order to better facilitate relations with Western nations near us, to create more favorable trade compacts and to show solidarity with nations that have historically helped Urdustan, we declare that we shall defend the economic and military integrity of the Western enclaves from whatever may threaten that. This being a way of paying back for the tremendous support given historically by the West to Urdustan.
    • The declaration above to defense of the enclaves supersedes all agreements with other nations that do not have an enclave within India, save for agreements to proposals of the Indian League. 
  • The Empire of Urdustan declares that it shall follow the decisions of the United Islamic Nations, as long as they, in some way, benefit the economy, culture, and/or technological advancement of Urdustan.
  • The Empire of Urdustan declares that it shall protect the economical integrity of Jaunpur and Bahamni in the face of the decision of the Indian League to declare their forced repayment of their debts. The manner of accomplishing this, however, will be discussed with Jaunpur and Bahamani. 


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