The Flag of Urauslain.

 Urauslain is, somewhat, a sister country of Ukraine in this reality. It exists, somewhere, between Russia and Ukraine. It's, also, a far more technologically advanced country in this reality. It is/was home to 95 million people at the time of the global outbreak.


1686: The Eternal Peace Treaty of 1686 never happens. Instead the New Country Creation Treaty of 1686 happens here. It allows the creation of no man's land. (Point-of-divergence). 1707: Some Ukrainian intellectuals wanted to create their own country. They become temporarily wandering colonists.

1716: Urauslain is founded by the wandering colonists from Ukraine. They arrived to the no man's land created by the New Country Creation Treaty of 1686. September 7, 1933: Lenoid Maksym, inventor of the Lenoid Battlesuit Armors, is born on this date.

September 21, 1935: Urauslain allows Albert Einstein and other Jews into Urauslain as a sign of respect towards the Jews begins on this date.

December 11, 1935: Lenoid Maksym's wife, Tetyana Oksana, is born on this date.

July 8, 1947: Roswell UFO Incident happens on this date. The object, is, sercetly, sent to Urauslain to be studied by the top Urauslainian scientists and physicians of their days.

November 29, 1947: Urauslain, successfully, signes the Jewish Homestate Act of 1947. It allows Urauslain as a homestate for Jewish people.

November 27, 1955: Lenoid Maksym wins the Urauslain's Sesonal Science Fair by showing the Urauslainians his prototype, the Lenoid Battlesuit Armor Mk-0, to the judges.

October 27, 1956: Urauslainian Jew, Vasyl Mazur, becomes the first Jew in Urauslain's history to become President of Urauslain.

January 17, 1957: The first inauguration of Vasyl Mazur begins on this date.

September 23, 1957: Pope Pius XII visits Urauslain. He meets with Urauslainian Prime Minister, Borislav Ruslan, on this date.

July 20, 1958: The mass productions of the Lenoid Battlesuit Armor Mk-0s begins on this date.

February 17, 1959: Lenoid Maksym marries Urauslain's most attractive supermodel, Tetyana Oksana, on this date.

November 9, 1959: Tetyana Maksym gives birth to Lenoid Maksym's first son, Ihor Mykola Maksym, on this date.

August 7, 1960: Tetyana Maksym gives birth to Lenoid Maksym's second son, Pavlo Tetyana Maksym, on this date.

May 12, 1961: Tetyana Maksym gives birth to Lenoid Maksym's third son, Mykola Pavlo Maksym, on this date.

March 3, 1965: The mass productions of the Lenoid Battlesuit Armor Mk-Is begins on this date.

September 22, 1965: The 8th Battlesuit Battalion is activated on this date.

October 15, 1970: The Urauslain Center for Disease Control and Prevention (U.C.D.C.P.) is created by the Urauslain government on this date.

December 2, 1972: The mass productions of the Lenoid Battlesuit Armor Mk-IIs begins on this date.

October 22, 1979: Ihor Mykola Maksym marries the most famous pornographic actress of Urauslain, Olena Kyrylo, on this date.

April 19, 1986: The mass productions of the Lenoid Battlesuit Armor Mk-IIIs begins on this date. This is the last mass productions of the Lenoid Battlesuit Armors until 2001/2002.

August 28, 1996: Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorces on this date. Urauslainian President and Prime Minister visits the Royal Family of the United Kingdom.

August 31, 1997: Princess Diana dies in a car accident. The whole world mornes her death, including Lenoid and Tetyana Maksym.

September 12, 1997: Tetyana Maksym dies of natural causes on this date. Her husband Lenoid Maksym, temporarily, quits his job.

September 17, 1997: Tetyana Maksym's funeral takes place on this date. Pope Paul II visits her funeral and it is televised across the world.

November 7, 2000: Democratic Al Gore wins the presidential election of the United States. Urauslain's government approves this election as Al Gore has good relationships with Urauslain.

2001/2002: The first mass productions of the Lenoid Battlesuit Armors since 1986 begins on this date. Lenoid Maksym sees the mass productions himself.

November 2, 2004: Democratic Al Gore wins reelection of the presidential election of the United States. Urauslain's government also approves this presidential election as well as the last one.

February 23, 2005: Day -3 (Cosmic Spore Dust) is detected on this date. It will arrive early in the afternoon and infect hundreds upon hundreds of innocent people in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv.

February 24, 2005: Day -2 (Symptoms Begins) on this date. Drugs and treatments are completely useless against the strange virus.

February 25, 2005: Day -1 (Infection Spreads) on this date. Hundreds of infected people bites non-infected people, spreading the virus like wildfire.

February 26, 2005: Day 0 (Global Outbreak) begins on this date.

April 17, 2005: The Battle of Uthea, Lithuania begins on this date.

Lenoid Battlesuit Armor.

The Lenoid Battlesuit Armors are a far more technologically advanced series of powered exoskeletonal battlesuits in this reality. They are powered by renewable energy sources and are, also, rechargeable.

They giver the wearer/user the strength and speed of ten human athelets as well as agility and reflexes. It, also, gives the wearer/user the ability to scan and see the full visual range of the electromagnetic spectrum itself. It, also, completely, covers the entire bodies and heads of its wearer/users as well as protection from the infection.

The Lenoid Battlesuit Armors were invented by Lenoid Maksym. He was an inventor with an intelligent quotient of 175. He was inspired by the works of Nicholas Yagn and Leslie C. Kelley, whom, both visited Urauslain.

During the global outbreak, the 335th Battlesuit Battalion, which had an large number of 37,000 soldiers, all equipped with the Lenoid Battlesuit Armor Mk-IVs, the most advanced powered exoskeletonal battlesuit at the time of the global outbreak. It proved, somewhat, useful against the infection.

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