In this alternative reality that greatly diverges from our own reality, there's no state of Israel. Instead, all of the Jewish people live in a sister nation of Ukraine called "Urauslain".

Urauslain is the Jewish homestate of this alternative reality and it's home to over fifty-seven million people, most of them all Jewish.

Its also among the far more technologically and scientificially advanced form of nations in this alternative reality's 21st century.


April 1925

April 15: The Battle of Luangwa River begins. It becomes among the first battles in the Third Boer War.

April 16: News of the Battle of Luangwa River spreads across the nation of Urauslain from telegrams.

April 17: Urauslain begins to sell war supplies to the Second Natalia Republic in exchange for gold and silver, and some diamonds.

April 18: During the Battle of Luangwa River, British soldiers began to dig more trenches against the soldiers of the Second Natalia Republic.


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