The story of Uranus is much like that of Saturn, both being gas giants. Uranus however, is made mostly of methane, and is farther away from Jupiter. Therefore, the solar wind is not strong enough to shatter the atoms of methane present in the atmosphere, only so to ionize and break apart molecules. The methane was broken up by the solar wind, with the carbon sinking below, and the hydrogen remaining high up in the atmoshphere. A solar flare, however, deatomized the hydrogen and caused it to re-form into the many elements required for life. Uranus has a smooth, diamond surface, coated with a swamp of ooze, containing every stable element on the Periodic Table, and many a combination of. Io, one of the four Galilean moons in our timeline, orbits Uranus in this one.


The Huraise are bird-like people, with long, slender legs made purely of Carbon, a feather-covered body, and enormous wings, with a wingspan of roughly twelve feet. Unlike Earth birds, the Huraise have a developed, bipedal locomotion center, allowing them to stand upright and run, just as a human would. Similar to bats, Huraise wings have a small claw-like hand near the end of the wing, which is use for grabbing and holding just as any other hand would be. Unlike bats, the hand is much more developed, with enough strength and flexibility to lift heavy objects, climb mountains, etc. Because of the sinewy structure of the wings, they may be rolled up to better resemble Human arms, which allows a more aerodynamic structure, and a more heat conservative body. Also unlike Earth birds, their mouth is much more advanced, with teeth and a tongue to allow better communication. Huraise feathers come in many different colors, and their is no judging of said colors by other Huraise. Because of their fascination with the skies, Huraise have mastered air and space travel, going so far as to construct a fleet of interplanetary ships for diplomatic purposes, however, when they became part of the USR, these ships were retrofitted for war.

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