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German troops attacking a French position.

This article belongs to the Napoleon´s America timeline.

After 44 years of living under French rule, German citizens and soldiers staged an uprising after Napoleon died. The uprising was mostly successful because the French were also fighting the British, the Austrians and had just lost their main line of supply (Mexico).

In 1864, Germany suddenly erupted into fire, all over the country people had the idea to fight the French now that their emperor was dead. With most of the population rising against the French, Germany was independent again after just a few battles and sieges. The Kaiser was re-instated and Willhelm II was chosen as the new German Empire´s leader.

Uprising of Germany
Date 1864
Location German province of the French Empire (Germany).

Treaty of Frankfurt.

Germany becomes an independent state again.

German Empire is created.

France loses the German province of their Empire.
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  • France

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