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 This a role-playing project where users create individuals, either in the Rajah,or another country!


Don't break RP (Role Play)

I am map maker (Bozistanball)

Don't be a jerk


The country of Rajah was formed after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and became a British colony for 14 years. The country has then slowly made it's way to a Middle East powerhouse. The country of Rajah mostly stay out of wars (excluding the Arab- Israeli Wars). The country was know for being a Saudi/Jordan knockoff but that all changed in 1967 when a military coup happen leading to the Fathi family to take power making it Battahist. A few years later the Arab Spring begins across the Middle East, leading to protest across Rajah


Abd al-Aziz Rashad Mumin- A 18 year old that has been protesting for weeks now in Rajah - (Bozistanball)

Nicolas Matthias - A 19 year old Greek free-lance journalist, photographer, and videographer writing an account of the Arab Spring - (NathanialPrice )

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