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In Unthinkable, Winston Churchill and the leaders of the Western Allies have launched Operation: Unthinkable, a plan to impose against the Soviet Union the demands of the United States and the British Empire through the use of simultaneous surprise attacks against Soviet forces within Central Europe. Shortly after the German Instrument of Surrender, Winston Churchill, President Harry S. Truman, and several other leaders of the Allies declare war on the Soviet Union.

This timeline mainly explores the events following the launch of Operation: Unthinkable.


On May 7, 1945, Nazi Germany capitulates and unconditionally surrenders to the Allies at Reims, France. Several days later, Allied leaders Winston Churchill, President Henry S. Truman, and several other leaders met in secret at Toulouse, France to discuss the outcome of Europe and to oppose Soviet demands of a communist Eastern Europe. By the end of the discussion, a decision has been created to declare war on the Soviet Union. Within a week, remaining German Wehrmacht divisions still occupying Norway, Denmark, Austria, and Bohemia, along with several other POWs have been organized and armed to prepare for Operation Unthinkable. On September 12th, 1945, the western Allies have declared war on the Soviet Union, as well as its capitulated allies of Mongolia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania. 

By the end of Unthinkable most of the eastern portion of the European continent was left in complete ruin, large amounts of fatalities and injured laying in the streets of suburban neighborhoods and villages. Infrastructure has been laid to waste once more which has led to a dark state of malevolent Cold War.


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