Unser Kampf

Unser Kampf Cover

Author(s) Adolf Hitler
Country Germany
Language German
Genre(s) Autobiography, Political theory
Publisher S. Fischer Verlag
Publication date May 22, 1928
Published in English 17 July 1931 (abridged)

1932 (full)

Media type Hardback
Pages 810

Unser Kampf (Our Struggle) is a book written by the Communist leader, politician and political theorist Adolf Hitler. The book was written in response to attacks by the political right in Germany, and is the combination of autobiography, political teachings and Hitler's own political theory.

Written over a three-year period, it was a culmination of Hitler's own political speeches, experiences and teachings throughout his life, and was authored to be as influential as the Communist Manifesto. Despite not selling to what he originally expected during the books first six years in print, its sales peaked shortly after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1934. 

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