University of Cahokia
Université de Cahokia (French)
Πανεπιστήμιο του Καηωκια (Greek)
Former names Medical School of Cahokia
General information
Status Active
Type University
Architectural style Classical Euro-Mississippian
Location Cahokia, Cahokia, Mississippian Confederation
Opening 1457 (as the Medical School of Cahokia)
1584 (as the University of Cahokia)
Design and construction
Client Émeric Desjardin
Owner Society of Christ in Mississippia

The University of Cahokia, also known as the Université de Cahokia (in French) or the Πανεπιστήμιο του Καηωκια (in Greek) is an institute, based out of the city of Cahokia in the confederate state of Cahokia of the Mississippian Confederation.

The University of Cahokia is the oldest university in Borealia, dating back to 1457, and is the best-known center for scientific thought on the continent.


While the concept of a university has existed for centuries in Europe, the idea was unthought of in Borealia to the same extent as it was in Europe. This was largely due to limitations of travel brought by the lack of horses, but the continual dominance of large cities, such as Cahokia, made communications simpler.

By about 1400, the medicine men who played a large role in the spirituality, health, and culture of the Mississippians had begun to establish small schools where apprentices would learn from master medicine men. Great Chief Rektaw the Proud ...

Medicine Man SchoolEdit


Émeric Desjardin, the youngest son of famous French-Mississippian politician Jean-Frances Desjardin, was raised in a culture in which the medicine man was still held in high regard, but had adopted many Christian duties that would be seen as traditional missionary roles.

The creation of the Society of Christ under the guidance of Jean-Frances Desjardin was one of the first major steps towards the creation of the university. Émeric, who was a leading member of the Society, pushed for the creation of the University with three separate schools finally being opened in 1584.


Natural ScienceEdit



The Medical School of Cahokia, as the medicine school of the university is called, is in fact the oldest part of the university. Dating back to the creation of