Timeline One: An Ireland United

Note: Not main timeline


  • 5th May: The Pope declines Henry II appeal to invade Ireland.


  • 8th June: The Leinster Wars begin. Diarmuid Ui Neill wages war on King Fionn of Leinster.


  • 30th September: The Leinster Wars end, much land has been gained by the Ui Neill Clan.

Ireland map 1180 kel

the Island of Eire, cira 2010.


  • 3rd January: Diarmuird-Aiden Ui Neill, son of Diarmuid begins the Brefine-Oriel Wars.


  • 4th June: The Brefine-Oriel Wars end, the Ui Neills gain control over all the Brefine and Oriel lands are annexed, uniting the Northern Ui Neill kingdoms and the Southern Ui Kingdoms.


  • 7th August: Ulidiais conquered by the Ui Neills.

Ireland map 1280 kel

The Island of Èire, circa November 1274


  • 12th March: The Leinster-Munster Wars begin.


  • 9th October: Leinster beats Munster and expands into their territory.


  • March-November: A series of Rebellions in Munster leads to the creation of two new kingdoms- Dal Cais and Luceni Nua. Connaught expands slightly after the rebellions.
  • 3rd December: King Seàn Ui Neill crowns himself the King of all Èire.
    Ireland map 1276 kel

    The Island of Èire circa April 1276


  • 4th April: The Burke tribe, along with several other tribes, rebel against King Breadan of Connaught with assistance from Queen Meave and King Cabhan of Ui Neill.
  • 18th November: A new Kingdom ruled by the Burkes is established in Connaught.
  • 2nd December: With Connaught weakened, the Ui Neill tribe declares war, lead by Queen Meave, one-eighth of their land is captured in 12 days.


  • 14th January: Leinster invades Munster.
  • 19th April: The Leinster invasion of Munster ends.
  • 29th November: The battle of Cork leads to Leinster's advancement into Munster territory.
  • 8th December: The Ui Neills push into Leinster.
    Ireland map 1278.1 kel

    Circa 1278


  • 2nd January: The Ui Neill's take Wexford.
  • 8th February: In an unsuspecting turn of events Eoghannacht retakes Cork.
  • 15th April: Dal Cais pushes into Leinster territory.
  • 6th June: The Ui Neills advance towards Waterford.
  • 29th November: The Ui Neills declare war on Dal Cais.
  • 7th December: Eoghannacht, Dal Cais and Ui Neill advance on Waterford.
    Ireland map 1279.1kel

    Circa July 1279


  • 18th April-28th May: Dal Cais launches an attack on Eoghannacht and the Ui Neills take some Dal Cais land.
  • 23rd July: The Luceni Nua begin the invasion of the weakened Eoughannacht Coast.
    Ireland map 1281 kel

    Circa 1280

  • 18th December: The Luceni Nua advance on Cork.
  • 29th December: The Eoughannacht reclaim a bit of land.


  • 19th May: The Ui Neill advance on the settlement of Cork.
  • 17th August: The Ui Neill defeat the Eoughannacht.
  • 29th August: Construction on the Wall of Dubh Linn, surrounding Dubh Linn, begins.


  • 6th June: Burke and Ui Neill form a alliance and Burke is annexed.
  • 9th December: Queen Meave unveils her plans to unite Eire under her reign. She also states that the island needs to became influential in Europe like England and the Holy Roman Empire.

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