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United States House of Representatives elections, 1988
435 seats in the United States House of Representatives, 218 needed for majority
November 8, 1988
Majority party Minority party
BobMichel1 JimWright1
Leader Bob Michel Jim Wright
Party Republican Democratic
Leader's seat Illinois-18th Texas-12th
Last election 177 seats 258 seats
Seats before 177 258
Seats after 260 175
Seat change +83 -83
Popular vote 46,806,180 36,950,820
Percentage 52.3% 45.2%
Swing +1.1% -0.9%
Speaker before election
Jim Wright
Elected Speaker
Bob Michel

The House Elections of 1988 were elections for the United states House of Representatives held on November 8, 1988 and coinciding with the landslide third-term reelection of Ronald Reagan.  As the result of a massive 83-seat swing, Republicans gained a majority in the House for the first time in 34 years.  They also gained control of the Senate, marking the first time in 34 years that Republicans controlled both houses of Congress.  This soldified their status as a majority party.