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This timeline recites an alternate history in which Australia, alongside New Zealand, federate following the 1891 constitutional convention, thus, the nation's early history is dominated by the large, dominating figures that overshadowed the movement itself.

As the federation of Australia comes earlier, many leaders of the movement such as Henry Parks, live to see their country unite into one nation and its people come together as one people. 

Road to Federation


March - The delegates for the 1891 Australasian Constitutional Convention meets to discuss and draft the future constitution of Australia. The major drafts-men are the Tasmanian Attorney-General Andrew Inglis Clark and Queensland Premier Sir Samuel Griffith.

April 9 - The draft for the constitution is handed out to the delegates of the convention. 

April 13 - Sir Henry Parks approves of the draft constitution. However, other delegates such as Edmund Barton claim the constitution gives to much power in the senate to the smaller, less populated states.

April 19 - The draft constitution is put to a vote between the delegates. It is decided that the draft is to be shown to the colonial parliaments.

April 25 - The convention puts a five-month deadline for the colonial parliaments to respond and comment on the draft constitution.

June 2 - John Ballance, premier of New Zealand, responds to the draft with; "this constitution may look well enough for the eyes, you must never underestimate the power that you give unto the houses".

July - All colonies except Western Australia respond to the draft, praising it for it's considerable detail set around the systems of government (representational, senatorial and judicial), however, the issue of relations between the upper and lower house became an issue for the colonial parliaments.

July 21 - Sir Henry Parks declares "the response to the draft came to me with a wave of delight, however, much still needs to be done. This is just the beginning of the road to federation.

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