United for the Future (German: Gemeinsam für die Zukunft), also known as GZ and whose members are known as Gemzuker in German, is an Austrian left-populist political party that was formed in July of 2012 and is regarded as an umbrella for the "non-traditional left," or "New New Left." The party was started on the heels of the 2011 Austrian student protests and built off of the failed New Democratic Alliance (NDA)'s attempts to influence the 2012 provincial elections. The GZ incorporates a platform of universal university education with no fees, environmental policies in the mold of a Green Party, the legalization of drugs and gay marriage, net neutrality and Internet freedom, and direct democracy including province-level referenda. An Austrian political observer described the GZ as an "amalgam of causes embraced by the young, urban yuppie left-wing green-socialist generation" and a "big tent for causes popular on the Internet long ignored by the mainstream parties." The GZ's support is strongest between voters aged between 18 and 30.

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