The United Tribes of America (also referred to as the United Tribes, the UT, the UTA, the Native Nation, or New India) is a tribal constitutional republic comprising of eighteen tribal nations and a federal district in what Whites call the Black Hills. The country is situated in North America, and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the West, Guatemala to the South, Canada to the North, and the United States in the East.

Indigenous peoples of Asian origin have inhabited what is now the United Tribes for many thousands of years. On the eastern seaboard, the Native American population was greatly reduced by disease and warfare after European contact. After American expansion westward was halted in 1830, the Native Americans west of the Mississippi began to prosper and eventually, gradually modernize. In 1834, the United Tribes was formed following the "Treaty of Brothers" between various tribes. Over the next ten years, through various treaties and agreements, a democratic union of tribes would shape a federal government comprising of the tribes. The government was modeled off the one of the United States. All tribes have equal representation in a two-housed congress. The only difference in government is that the UTA does not have an executive branch- the founders agreed that an Executive branch would be too strong and upset the balance of power. Congress and the "Tribal Court" check each other. A Bill of Rights was passed in 1837.

Disputes between whether the UTA should modernize/industrialize like all other major powers or if it should remain composed of individual migrated tribes eventually led to the Indian Civil War (formally the Tribal Civil War) in the 1860s. The Reformers victory in 1865 prevented a permanent split of the country and end of illegal permanent settlements. The UTA prospered all the way up to the 1940s, and this prosperity was only disturbed by a brief war with Canada in the 1880s. When the Fifty Years War began in 1914, the UTA remained neutral, and for this reason, became a superpower. It was the only major power that wasn't devastated by the enourmous war, and experienced a huge wave of immigration during the first half of the 20th century. The Japanese-American War in the 1970s confirmed the UTA's status as a military power, even though the policy was "Only fight for defense. Never attack unprovoked." The UTA emerged from the war as the first country with nuclear weapons and a permanent member of the Council for Peace in the Old World (CPOW) which was renamed the Council of Peace in the World (CPW). The end of the Fake War with Australia left the United Tribes as the sole superpower. The country is a leading economic, political,and cultural force in the world.

What makes the UTA so unique is the landscape of the country and the way people live. All cities, towns, and structures in the UTA are built with the "Vertical" method. No dozen or so buildings are ever at ground level next to each other. A skyscraper may be found in the middle of a field. The entire population of a town may live in that skyscraper. This way, most land is preserved. Personal, multi-directional elevators are the key form of transportation around the buildings, which are known in the UTA as "Fifas". Everything is made out of wood and re-processed wood, because for every tree cut down in the UTA, a special government agency (called the Forestation Council) plants two more. Horses are still the most major form of transportation between the Fifas, which usually are five or six miles apart. Canoe shuttles are featured for mass transit between the Fifas. In recent years, developments like the Hybrid Car, the Solar car, and the Electric car have become increasingly popular because they are enviornmentally-freidnly and approved by most religious leaders, but they are only used by rich citizens. 98% of energy in the UTA is based of the wind, and dozens of turbines can be found attached to and on top of any Fifa. Buffalo are still killed with respect. A fairly large part of the population considers themselves "conservatives", and still migrates, lives in temporary huts, and is dependent on the buffalo. Herds of buffalo and clusters of teepes can be found all over the UTA. Factories are also built "vertical", but they run 100% on electrity.

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