Ron Paul

Often a controversial figure, Ron Paul presided over huge economic growth and millions of deaths.

Ron Paul was the temporary ruler of the United States from 2008 to 2009. The provisional government was often described as a "Free Market military dictatorship" and was a the first instance of a Junta government in the United States.

Coup d'etat

After two decades of rejected policies, Ron Paul collaborated with the fringe group Sons of The Founding Fathers in order to overthrow the government. As Representative from Texas, Paul would secretly allocate millions of dollars into the group along with military-grade weapons.

On July 2008, the group intercepted the White House posing as custodians and detonated nearly 2000 pounds of plastic and nitrogen explosives. In the act, nearly the entire executive branch (with the president injured) leaving only the Attorney General to take over.

Sons of The Founding Fathers then orders the Attorney General to make dissolve the military and make Ron Paul the leader of the government.

Great Free Market Plan

Ron Paul instituted the Great Free Market Plan to "Austrianize" the US economy. Eventually the disastrous effects lead to Paul's overthrow.

Return to Constitutional order

After much of the military was privatized, the President launched a special operations team to assassinate Ron Paul and restore order to the presidency. They are successful, and after only one year, the government is restored.

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