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United States presidential election, 2012
November 6, 2012
Ted danson Billy dee williams undercover
Nominee John Hansen Richard Agee
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Missouri California
Running mate John Boyer Kathleen Sebelius
Electoral vote 272 259
2012 election ti18
Red states pledged toward Hansen/Boyer. Blue states pledged toward Agee/Sebelius.
The United States presidential election of 2012 was the 57th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The 2012 election was a contest between Republican Governor John Hansen of Missouri and incumbent Democratic Vice President Richard Agee of California, it has the distinction of being one of the closest in American history.

The incumbent president, Henry Raymond, was ineligible to be elected to a third term due to term limits in the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Hansen secured the Republican nomination with no serious opposition and the Democratic party nominated Richard Agee with little serious opposition. Hansen selected Pennsylvania Representative John Boyer as his running mate and Agee chose Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius as his. (Sebelius has the distinction of being the first female on a major party ticket)

The campaigns focused heavily on domestic issues: debate centered largely around sound responses to address income inequality in terms of economic recovery and job creation. Other issues included long-term federal budget issues, the future of social insurance programs, and the healthcare apparatus. Foreign policy was also discussed including the phase-out of the Vilkovian Provisional Government in 2014, the size of and spending on the military, and appropriate counteractions to terrorism.

The election is also notable for being the most diverse election in American history: Hansen being a Mormon, Boyer being a Catholic, Agee being African-American and Sebelius being a female. Each except Agee would have been a first for their respective positions. Agee would have been the second African-American male to hold the office of President after Tom Bradley.

Conventions Edit

  • DNC: Cleveland, OH (Quicken Loans Arena)
  • RNC: Phoenix, AZ (University of Phoenix Stadium)

Campaign slogans Edit

  • President Hansen/Vice President Boyer: COURAGE.
  • Vice President Agee/Governor Sebelius: N/A.