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United States presidential election, 2012
November 6, 2012
Bush jeb Joe Biden
Nominee Jeb Bush Joe Biden
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Florida Delaware
Running mate Mitt Romney Evan Bayh
Electoral vote 361 185
States carried 38 13 (and D.C.)
Popular vote 60,624,172 58,975,398
Percentage 52.2% 46.5%
President before election
Joe Lieberman
Elected President
Jeb Bush

The United States presidential election of 2012 was the 57th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, the junior Senator and former Governor of Florida, defeated Senator Joe Biden from Delaware.

Democratic Candidates

This election was noticeable for having the first reappearance of the Kennedy family on the presidential scene since Joseph P. Kennedy in 1969. Two members, Caroline and John, announced their intentions to run several days apart from each other. It was a media sensation, but ultimately Joe Biden managed to secure the nomination by a very close margin.

Republican Candidates

Marco Rubio was an early front runner, leading in the polls for the first few months, followed closely by Senator and former Governor Jeb Bush. However, he said he would not seek the candidacy, citing his inexperience. In September of 2011, George W. Bush announced that he would be seeking the nomination, quickly followed by Jeb. However, by December George had withdrawn and endorsed his brother.

John McCain was supported by the moderate faction of the party, but he was ridiculed by the more conservative elements for accepting the Vice Presidency under Joe Lieberman. His age was also a concern. Ultimately, he conceded defeat.