2012 election

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2012 American Presidential Elections
November 7, 2012
Markwahlberg Election John Baird AH Philmcgraw
Nominee Mark Wahlberg John Braid Phil McGraw
Party Liberitarian Democratic Conservitive
Home state Massachusetts Ontario Oklahoma
Running mate Justin Trudeau Barack Obama II Bobby Jindal
Electoral vote 237+DC 167 133
States carried 20 18 12
Popular vote 25,429,598 22,341,275 21 489 156
Percentage 36.2% 32.2% 31%
AH Electionof2012
Presidential election results map. Black denotes states won by McGraw/Jindal (18), Blue denotes those won by Braid /Obama (12), Green denotes those won by Walhberg/Trudeau (20+D.C.).
President before election
Bill Clinton
Elected President
Mark Wahlberg

Election Primaries

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