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US Presidential Election, 2008
November 4, 2008
Turnout Republican (Ford-Hamill Ticket) Victory
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Party Republican Democratic

The United States presidential election of 2008 was a contest between the Democratic ticket of Harrison Ford of Illnois and his vice-presidential candidate Mark Hamill from California and the ticket of Republican challenger candidate Governor Rick Perry of Texas and his vice-presidential candidate Jeff Dunham.

General election

Republican Party Nominations

Harrison Ford and Felipe Calderón were the only two candidates for the Republican Party. Ford was favored with in the American and Canadian regions, but opposed in the Mexican region. Calderon was favored in the Mexican provinces, as they thought they'll get independence, but was sad when Calderon was defeated by Ford in the state primaries.

Democratic Party Nominations

Rick Perry had no problem getting nominated for the Democratic Party, but was criticized by the Republicans and bio-fuel companies, since much of the candidates drove hybrids from Toyota and Hyundai, when he instead drives an gas-guzzling SUV.


Pauvre Monde Election

Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill defeated Rick Perry and Jeff Dunham in an landslide, with the main reasons of victory coming from their campaign victories in the Philippines, Texas, Quebec, and California.