2004 Flag of the USA with 67 stars by BF1395 2012
United States presidential election, 2008
November 4, 2008
Mitt Romney Joe Lieberman Crop
Nominee Mitt Romney Joe Lieberman
Party Democratic Socialist
Home state Massachusetts Connecticut
Running mate Stephen Harper Evan Bayh


Democratic Party

U.S. Democratic Party logo (transparent)
Democratic Party Ticket, 2016
Mitt Romney Stephen Harper
for President for Vice President
Mittromney Stephen-Harper-Cropped-2014-02-18
Governor of Massachusetts
U.S. Senator from Acadia
Governor of Acadia

Socialist Party

Socialist Party Ticket, 2008
Joe Lieberman Evan Bayh
for President for Vice President
Joe Lieberman Crop Evan Bayh official portrait
42nd President of the United States
38th Vice President of the United States


Party Home state Popular vote Running mate
Count Pct Vice-presidential
Home state
Mitt Romney Democratic Massachusetts 73,023,945 0.00% Stephen Harper Acadia
Joe Lieberman Socialist Connecticut 63,747,853 0.00% Evan Bayh Vermont

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