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United States presidential election, 2008
November 4th, 2008
John Edwards official Senate photo portrait Thompson main310 477px-Evan Bayh official portrait
Nominee John Edwards Fred Thompson Evan Bayh
Party Progressive Republican Democrat
Home state North Carolina Tennessee Indiana
Running mate Tom Vilsack John McCain Dennis Kucinich
Electoral vote 325 178 14
States carried 30+DC+NE-02 24 2
Popular vote 69,498,516 59,948,323 972,979
Percentage 52.9% 45.7% 1.4%
Election Map, 2008 (1861 HF)
Electoral Map

The United States presidential election, 2008 was a presidential election, held in November 4th, 2008, which saw the victory of Progressive candidate John Edwards (who was John Kerry's running mate in 2004) against Republican candidate Fred Thompson.