1988 US flag with 56 stars by Hellerick 1996
United States presidential election, 1992
November 3rd, 1992
130px George H. W. Bush, President of the United States, 1989 official portrait Ross Perot
Nominee Bill Clinton George H. W. Bush H. Ross Perot
Party Democratic Republican Independent
Home state Arkansas Texas Texas
Running mate Gary W. Hart Dan Quayle James Stockdale
Electoral vote 378 171 0
States carried 37+DC 19 0
Popular vote 44,909,806 39,104,550 19,743,821
Percentage 43% 37.4% 18.9%
Election Map, 1992 (1861 HF)

The United States presidential election, 1992 was a presidential election, held in November 3rd, 1992, which saw the victory of Democratic candidate Bill Clinton against incumbent President George H. W. Bush (Republican).

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