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United States presidential election, 1988 (Temporal Incursion 1918)

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United States presidential election, 1988
November 8, 1988
Tom bradley Sen William L Armstrong
Nominee Tom Bradley William L. Armstrong
Party Democratic Republican
Home state California Colorado
Running mate Lloyd Bentsen Tom Kean
Electoral vote 348 183
1988 266towin
Red states pledged toward Armstrong/Kean. Blue states pledged toward Bradley/Bentsen.
The United States presidential election of 1988 was the 51st quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 8, 1988.

Democratic California Governor Tom Bradley chose Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen as his running mate. The Republicans nominated Colorado Senator William L. Armstrong, with New Jersey Governor Tom Kean as his running mate.

Due to the restrictions of the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution, incumbent President Robert Pearson was ineligible to seek a third term. Running an aggressive campaign, Bradley capitalized on a good economy, a stable international stage, and on Pearson's popularity. Meanwhile, Armstrong's campaign suffered from several missteps, including failure to defend against Bradley's attacks. This allowed Bradley to win with a substantial margin of the popular vote, while winning the Electoral College by a landslide. Since the 1988 election, no candidate has managed to equal or surpass Bradley's number of electoral votes won or popular vote percentage.

This election marked the third consecutive presidential victory for the Democratic Party, and the first time that a party had won more than two consecutive presidential elections since the Democrats won all five elections from 1932 to 1948. Bradley's victory made him the first African-American president in the history of the United States.


  • DNC: Atlanta, GA (The Omni)
  • RNC: New Orleans, LA (Louisiana Superdome)

Campaign slogans

  • Senator Armstrong/Governor Kean: N/A.
  • Governor Bradley/Senator Bentsen: CONTINUE THE DREAM.

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