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United States presidential election, 1984
November 6th, 1984
Ronald Reagan U.S Vice-President Walter Mondale
Nominee Ronald Reagan Walter Mondale
Party Republican Democratic
Home state California Minnesota
Running mate George H. W. Bush Lloyd Bentsen
Electoral vote 531 6
States carried 55 1+DC
Popular vote 54,455,472 37,577,352
Percentage 58.8% 40.6%
Election Map, 1984 (1861 HF)

The United States presidential election, 1984 was a presidential election, held in November 6th, 1984, which saw the re-election of incumbent Republican President Ronald Reagan, against the Democratic candidate Walter Mondale.

This election is particular, as Reagan managed to win all states except for Pacifica (in which Mondale won by a mere 2,976 votes) and the District of Columbia.